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Our Roofing Service Warranty

Apex Guy Roofing Company Inc supplies two different types of warranties with every roof we install. One warranty, which protects the homeowner from material defects, is the manufacturer (material) warranty. Homeowners should educate themselves on how the material warranty works before they purchase a roof from anyone.
If the roof is not installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications, the workmanship will void the material warranty. This one element is so important, and is the only reason why so many homeowners are denied a claim when and if their roofs fail due to material defects. In fact, Guy Roofing sets the standards for roofing installation practices by writing on their contracts that the roof will be installed according to manufacturer's specifications and according to State and local Building Codes. Some examples of manufacturer's specifications are:
  • Proper Fastening and Proper nail locations. Our contracts are written to show how many nails go into the shingle, and the location of the nails, which harmonizes with the manufacturer's specifications.
  • Proper lay-out of shingles. The manufacturer specifies on each bundle of shingles how that particular shingle should be installed with regards to design of the roof, valleys, wall/roof intersections, hang-overs on edges, and lay-out of lines. The lay-out of lines is what keeps the shingles straight, and enforces the performance of the shingles. If the shingles are not installed according to the manufacturer's specifications or suggestions, the roof could fail prematurely, and void the material warranty.
  • Proper installation of felt underlayment, and water shield material, such as in the valleys.
  • Proper wood decking fastening.
  • Proper Roof/ Attic ventilation.
These are just a few examples of manufacturer's specifications. It clearly shows just how important it is to have this written on a contract that a homeowner is considering. Since we do install all our roofs according to manufacturer's specifications, and since Guy Roofing does write this important information on each contract, this is another reason why a homeowner should choose Guy Roofing.

Labor Warranty

Equally important is the labor warranty, most often referred to as the workmanship warranty. This warranty covers any defects to the installation of the roofing material. Statistics show that 99% of premature roof leaks result from improper installation of the roofing shingles, or the roofing components, or both, but not the material itself. Put another way, most roofs that fail will be because of the way it was installed, not because of material defects. Which explains why the shingle manufacturers will not cover their products if installed incorrectly.
Statistics also show that the majority of failed roofs (99.99%) occurred in the first ten years after installation, if it was due to workmanship. Guy Roofing offers a ten (10) year transferable workmanship warranty on every roof we install, for the homeowner's peace of mind. While most roofing contractors will not transfer their labor warranties, Guy Roofing will because we know our roofs will not fail due to workmanship defects. What this transferability of warranties mean, is, if the homeowner sells their house after we install their roof, the new homeowner will have the same warranty, and this includes the material warranty as well.