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Gutter Cleaning and Roof Inspections for Metro Atlanta

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Are your residential or commercial gutters draining improperly? Do they look worn down and in need of repairs? Call on Apex Guy Roofing Co Inc for gutter cleanings and repairs! Our experts can help clear your gutter and downspouts and conduct necessary repairs to improve water flow away from your home or business. As an added bonus, we offer free roof inspections with the purchase of our gutter cleaning service.

Maintenance Program

The best year-round solution for keeping your gutters clean is by signing up for our maintenance program! We put your gutter cleanings on an automatic schedule that includes additional benefits not otherwise included in a normal gutter cleaning service.
Those additional benefits include us assessing your gutters for needed maintenance, conducting repairs on small issues including nailing your gutter down, sealing, reattaching downspouts and more, checking siding for water damage, communicating a detailed report of the findings and fixing any problem that may arise as soon as possible.
We provide additional services at no extra cost and leave you in charge of the schedule. Eliminate the hassle of cleaning gutters or downspouts by calling us for a free quote today!